Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ok, here it goes!!!!!!!!!!

I will start by saying that I am a very cautious blogger... I write things then I delete them about an hour later. If you really want to find out about the real me, you have to be really on top of my blog before I delete it!! I feel a little exposed writing down my feelings for all to see. I really enjoy the blogging community, and want to be a part of it, so I am going to try to be "real", and not delete any posts from here on out. SO .........if you don't like it, well too bad!!! :)
OK, so here it goes. I am not really going to write anything today .. this is my Test blog to make sure I don't delete it, and if I do... you will never know anyway will you???? When I die, someone should really read my journals that I keep under my bed, they are really good!!!!