Saturday, September 27, 2008


Where do you see it? Is it in a piece of hand blown glass? Is it in the eyes of a hurting soul? A sunset? The ocean? A flower? Do you see it in a smile? A tear? The sky? A building? Do you like green eggs and ham? I had to throw that in there!!!
Comment and tell me where you have found beauty this summer... The pictures are of two pieces of beauty I photographed at the Phipps conservatory in Pittsburgh, one is a picture of amazing glass art by Dale Chihuly. The second is natural art, floral. The others are photographs I took of a little girl I met in Belize, a sunset in Belize,
and a church in Minneapolis ( I believe it is the Basilica St. Mary)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Baby you and me... we have a groovy kind of love...

As Lyndsay nears her 20th birthday, it has been evoking a lot of memories from the time I found out I was pregnant with her... I could write an essay about how I felt , but rather than that today I feel like just posting a list of words that reflected that time period in my life...Someday, maybe I will elaborate...
  • FEAR
  • TORN
  • SAD
  • FAT
  • WEAK
This list could go on and on, as a single 18 turning 19 year old, this time of my life was overwhelming. So many things changed from one choice I made, and then I was forced to make a lot of other life altering choices. I am so blessed that I made the choice I did to keep this child...and yet I have so much compassion and heartbreak for any one in this position, and it has taught me to be loving and compassionate to any young person who has to suddenly start making very adult decisions, I can confidently say that I will not judge any young woman for her regrets, poor choices, decisions made during a time like this. A lot of times she is alone, and has kept the weight of these choices 100% on her own shoulders. I wonder if, and how we can equip our young women to be good decision makers? To my friends, and anyone else that happens to read this, and has been in this situation, I Love you, I understand...
A note on the picture... this is the ONLY newborn picture I have of Lyndsay and got triple exposed, and in a bittersweet way, it reflects my mindset that day, a nurse came in about a half hour before this and asked me when my husband was coming to visit...I was confused, I was in a lot of pain, I was scared, and I was clueless on how to care for this child. I sang her a song that day... Phil Collins Groovy Kind of love.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hold on tight the night has come...

John is gone this week. He is in Detroit , MI learning how not to get fatally shocked by hybrid vehicles. I haven't thought about it, but I really haven't been in my bed at night too many nights by myself for a long time... I couldn't sleep! I usually blame John on that (he snores)...because he broke his nose sledding off the roof of his barn when he was a child... ( Only John)
I kept hearing things. I swear I head someone walking through the hallway, Oh yeah that was Leah coming in past curfew! The I am sure I heard growling...And I have to admit that was my wimpy dog Samson , and then I thought maybe the intruder was scaring the dog. Then Leah called me from her room, at 3 am and said "did you hear that???" ... And then I about had a heart attack when I heard a huge explosion ( thunder). I thought I saw someone standing over my bed staring at me... Leah again!
So, I am starting to realize how comforting it is having John home, not only for me , but for the kids too. I think Luke would have been awake, but football practice makes him sleep like a baby!

It is funny how little we realize things like this until they are not there. It is interesting how we can have so much safety tied up in a person.The irony in the whole thing is normally, John falls asleep watching ESPN2, sound asleep, Luke and I even painted his toenails while he was sleeping the other night, he didn't even twitch!(see photo) Sometimes, I admit that I am glad he fell asleep downstairs because I won't hear him snoring. I think If he was here: it would take a huge event to wake him, so the comfort obviously is emotional, and not based on the realistic fact that I would probably be the one calling 911, and trying to wake up John!

Every time I woke up , I kept singing the lyrics to an Indigo girls song "Secure yourself to heaven, hold on tight the night has come, fasten up your earthly burdens, you have just begun"...

Heaven... now that is a whole new blog topic, that I plan to write about soon that was sparked by a conversation with my dear friend Vic and I had the other day!

So, tonight, I hope I sleep better, but at least I realize how much I am blessed to have such an awesome husband, that makes me feel safe, no matter what the safety feeling is based on!

Monday, September 01, 2008

Swimming Lesson

I have become a pen pal with a person I met when we went to volunteer at Kingdom meal ministries at the Salvation Army, with Jon and Ang about a month or so ago. His name is Stephen and he kept saying, "boy I wish someone would write to me"-and I thought, I love to write letters. I always tell my friends how much I love paper, special pens and how I see "snail mail" correspondence as a dying art. So, I thought, what better thing to offer than to be someones pen pal? Over the last several weeks Stephen and I have written about 8 letters between the two of us. His handwriting and verbiage is that of a young child, he seems to be mentally at that level, according to the style and content of his letters. It is endearing, and very innocent. He always tells me that he loves getting my letters. I am very clear when I write to him that I am happily married, and have three children. In the last letter he told me that I was his best friend, his special friend, forever and always. As I read that over I thought "Oh boy, have I got in over my head?" . I wonder what imposes such a fear within us? All the sudden I came to the realization that I cannot stop writing to him because he has put me in a role of being very important to him. I also had a bit of fear , because he wants to know where I work, and where the kids go to school and where John works, and i keep thinking what if he stalks me?
Last night, as I went to bed and tried to saturate a very long emotional weekend, I kept thinking about people that depend on me. I had quite a tough "mom of a teenager" weekend, and having her tell me that she is almost 18, and I shouldn't worry, and I should just let her make her own curfew, and then having her very ill the next day with a high fever, painful ears and throat, and asking if she could sleep in my bed, and wanted me to hold her head against my shoulder to ease the pain, and also to comfort her, I am sure. She also apologized for the night before, and I think she realizes she depends on me. She committed to trying to show John and I more respect than she had this weekend, hopefully it wasn't the fever talking.
Putting the two together I am starting to realize that the way I can be a support to others is just to be "ME". I love to write, so put all my fears aside and keep on writing, joyfully to Stephen(using common sense, and not giving him all my personal info) yet offering what I have, and that is my love to write, and read letters.
I can show love to Leah, by continuing to pray for her , and offering her my shoulder, and my love, even when I am angry at her, even when she makes me think, "boy I'm in over my head!"

Well, I can swim, pretty well, and I love to swim.

I need to remind myself that when I think that I am "in over my head", that I don't need to be afraid.

I know how to "swim", I won't drown.