Saturday, December 31, 2011

I feel like dancing!

I am not sure why I have not been much has been going on and I have a lot to share...between healing ,holidays and transitioning back to the workforce, I guess I have been a bit overwhelmed.

I just had my six week device check appointment at the Cleveland Clinic this past week and all was well! The device is operating properly, and healing well. The only events recorded were a series of atrial fib's and they were all on the night where I was dancing at our company Christmas party!

The fact that I feel like dancing is a great reflection of the success of the surgery. For the longest time all I felt like was sitting, or sleeping. The improvement I have felt in my energy level so far has been the biggest change and I hope it continues. I still have times of feeling like I "over did" it. For the most part I feel like I am getting better! For Christmas we received a Kinect, and I have had so much fun dancing to the game! I hope I continue to have the energy to keep it up! In February, I return back to the clinic to the Women's heart failure center to meet with my cardiologist and that day she will perform an echo to see if any of the enlargement has gone down and hopefully tell me my ejection fraction has improved! So medically, that's where I am at.

This year has been quite the journey! In our extended family we have gone on this medical journey , baby bro had surgery, had two weddings, been reunited with my niece, struggled with finances,( mainly due to me having to miss work for medical reasons), watched two of our dear ones struggle with substance abuse...answers to prayer, and healing with relationships. There was a lot of good mixed in! What a beautiful mess!

Through all of these experiences, both good and bad, we have grown in our faith, and bonded stronger as a family. I have really found out who my true friends are and who will ask me how things are going even when they know the answer might not be so good.

And yet , I have been able to end out this year with a feeling of optimism and a huge desire to DANCE it out! I am looking forward to seeing what this year will bring! I have a lot of confidence that it will have a lot of good in it!