Monday, July 16, 2007

A whirlwind summer

It has been quite a summer- I have been from Mississippi to Vegas (didn't even plan that) ...learned what my airline friends meant when they said " I really don't think you want to fly on a buddy pass" , had a daughter graduate, moved that daughter, and an adopted "son" to Minneapolis, been to at least 30 baseball games, ran completely out of money, wondered where my other daughter is in the middle of the night...laughed ,cried, yelled, cried some more...visited a town named Gayville that sold pink Gayville T-shirts that said "Yes Gayville is the real name now get over it" (see picture) made new Friends, got closer with the ones I have, found out what a Mojito is...grilled so much that I used a tank of propane in slightly over one month...feel like I am Lyndsay writing this in one long run on sentence...watched John try to remodel the dining room, watched my flowers grow(they are really nice this year), attended a wedding, a couple of graduation parties, cook outs. I have Not swam this entire summer, Weird.. I love to swim. I have wasted a of of time, I have procrastinated on a lot of things. I will probably think of about 17 other things in the middle of the night tonight, so this may be a to be continued...........Also it is only the middle of July!

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