Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday nights on the porch...

Monday at work.......Tuesday at thelake, a night at a baseball game, an e-mail, a phone call, Wednesday at work, Thursday at the grocery store, a hug at the church, Friday night on the porch, Saturday making fries, Sunday ... I was really very stressed out this week, It is a huge combination of a lot of things, that I won't weigh this down with. I really thougth "how am I going to get through next week?" I keep remembering that HE will uphold me and strengthen me...I have faith in that... So what I decided to do was to recognize how he did that for me this week. Every time i felt like I just couldnt take it, he brought someone into my day;someone that was either a comic relief, a distraction, and ear to listen, someone I could listen to, someone to hug, someone to smile at, someone to cry with, soemone to have a drink with, someone to help, someone to pray for, someone to pray for me... I could go on and on... Only a few of the times were intentional meetings, and were great, but more of them were not. My point is wether or not it is an intentional event, like Friday night on the porch, or a chance meeting at Giant Eagle, every moment you connect with someone is a chance, a chance to do something , a chance to recieve something, a chance to give something.

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