Saturday, September 27, 2008


Where do you see it? Is it in a piece of hand blown glass? Is it in the eyes of a hurting soul? A sunset? The ocean? A flower? Do you see it in a smile? A tear? The sky? A building? Do you like green eggs and ham? I had to throw that in there!!!
Comment and tell me where you have found beauty this summer... The pictures are of two pieces of beauty I photographed at the Phipps conservatory in Pittsburgh, one is a picture of amazing glass art by Dale Chihuly. The second is natural art, floral. The others are photographs I took of a little girl I met in Belize, a sunset in Belize,
and a church in Minneapolis ( I believe it is the Basilica St. Mary)


vic said...

I have to say, I see it in the sunset, I see it in the uninhibited laughter of a child, I see it on the ocean.

I think my favorite place to see the beauty is starting to become smack-dab in the middle of the mess....I felt that when we went to Clara's and helped her out, it was a beautiful, magical time. Maybe it was the friendships blooming, maybe it was helping (in a tiny way) to make things right, maybe it was giving hope to Clara, maybe it was the dog...I don't know. I just remember that day as one of the most beautiful days I've ever lived.

Dave and Betsy: said...

My wife. My boy. My photography. :-)

Family. Friendships. Sunrises. Cow poop smell in the morning. Dandelions. Being alone with God. Good food. Laughter. John Janci. More laughter. Sunsets. The view from the top of a painfully hiked mountain.

I could go on, but I won't.