Friday, October 10, 2008

Did ya see it????

As I drove to work this morning I saw the most amazing sunrise.
The magnificent sun loomed above the earth expelling colors like I have not seen for a long time. Shades of red, orange yellow surrounded this stately ball of fire. The sky was alive with colors from the sun on a canvas brushed with gentle strokes in shades of blue. I passed a lake and a misty blanket of fog was hovering over this body of water and the fog engulfed the colors of the sun as it rose above the lake; hues of amber lingered above the lake as the fog gently rose. I can understand how ancient civilizations chose to worship this amazing piece of Gods creation. I turned my face towards it, closed my eyes, and soaked in the rays ...and then I remembered I was driving...
Quoting Jack Johnson, I was reminded : "slow down everyone your moving too fast, frames can't catch you when your moving like that..."

I did not take the picture, I have not figured out how to drive, sun-worship, and reach in the back seat and grab my camera and take a photo at the same time! (probably a good thing!)


Dave and Betsy: said...

You're a beautiful sunset!!!

ChelChel said...

awww, shucks! Thank you! I am blushing in shades of rose, and pink.