Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seven Pills a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?!

For some reason, taking all the meds is getting to me...maybe because they are making me so tired, maybe because I have never taken anything but asthma meds, and vitamins on a regular basis, maybe because I feel worse than before I started taking them, or that I feel dependent on them...I guess I am. I have come to the realization that I will be on at least two of the meds (accounts for four pills/day) for the rest of my life, and the fact that they seem to make me feel worse rather than better, seems to be a looming reality. I think if I took these meds, and I felt great, I would look forward to taking them! When I went for the Echo last week I was told that the enlargement had not gone down at all, and nothing had changed. I was a bit disappointed in that, until I had encouragement from those around me, with words of wisdom and support. I am so blessed to be surrounded by loving people that each have one way or another to encourage. Some it is simply saying that they love me, for others it is "tough love", and for some it is taking a laundry basket up the steps, or offering to help with my daughters shower. Whatever it is, it is all valuable and is helping me cope with the DCM... So I will continue to take the meds, and follow the Dr.'s advice...eat healthy...( I have made significant changes in that area I will blog about in the future) I am not completely discouraged, I am really not. I just needed to write it down. Chel


Dave said...

I'm so glad you did. Thanks for sharing what this has been like for you. I'm praying for you Chel! I'm all for a healthier heart because I love my Chel, but I can only imagine how hard this has all been for you. What an adjustment to your life. I hope soon it will feel routine, and you will have more energy again! I'm rooting for you, I'm here for you! Love you,

Jon Boy said...

Hi Chel, just went to my site for my weekly update and noticed that i have a couple more followers and then came to look at your post.

the drug therapy sucks and when people look at me they say 'oh you look well' well i do but inside i feel so fatigued, so i know how you feel. then i was diagnosed with DCM back in 2008 my heart failure nurse said there was three possible routes...1)i could get worse and eventually need a heart transplant. 2)stabilize and remain stable or 3) make a full recovery..i said to her that i intend to opt for no 3 and she said that is very very rare...well 6 months later my EF had gone back to normal and in fact my heart was looking healthier then the average person. i smiled and said i told you and then i asked her how and she said that she does believe taking the meds and being good with my diet and above all being positive was the big +...she was so impressed with my positiveness that i went in to see a few patients to help them come around to it..my advice to you is to yes take your drugs and do as the doc says and remain positive...i know its hard at times but on those days that you feel fatigued, rest and listen to your body...gain the support of your family and you will be fine...nice reading your blog, keep it up..Jonathan xx

Chel said...

Bets-I love you too!

Jon Boy- Thank you so much for the encouraging words! It means a lot coming from someone that truly knows how I physically feel... :)