Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sarah Louise Edith Smith
Update: Passed Away to her heavenly home... July 4, 2009

This is my grandmother, she is now 97 years old. She is so beautiful inside and out. She is a southern belle, and is blessed with the gift of hospitality. When I look at this picture of her, it makes me wonder what her life was like over 80 years ago when this picture was taken. She was one of the first girls to play basketball in her little town in Tennessee, and her team wore long skirts when they played! I wonder what she thought about, what her voice sounded like and what she did for fun. I feel so connected to this picture of her...maybe it is because I look a little bit like her, I bet our hairstyles where similar! (isn't that crazy !) maybe it is because she has an expression on her face that seems to say , "I know something that you don't"
As the days pass, I keep thinking I need to visit her and ask her these questions, mentally she is very healthy, and has an excellent memory. She only lives an hour and a half away, and yet, it seems far... I think I subconsciously separate myself from her to protect my heart for when she passes, and yet... I see that! She is a person that offers an unconditional love to her family! I remember on time when I got drunk at a family wedding, and our family was staying at her house, and the next morning she took care of me as if I was ill, with no judgment, she knew very well that the reason I was throwing up was because I drank too much, and even though everyone else was angry with me, she kept bringing me wet washcloths for my head, and saltines for my stomach! When I was a pregnant unwed mother, her home was open for me to live, although I chose to stay in my own community.
She likes to go my Edith, even thought that is one of her middle names, and my dad used to call me Edith when I would say certain things like her! What a compliment, even though he was teasing me!
I wanted to share a bit of her with you.

She will be dearly missed.(7/6/09)


*Austin Mommy* said...

What a beautiful young woman she was (and still is, I'm sure!), and you're right, you two do alike! I wish I had asked my grandmother similar questions while she was still alive. Thank you for sharing about such a special person in your life.

Chel said...

My Grandmother passed away today...this is the link to her obituary...