Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes!

February has been, and continues to be a month of change. We have had dear friends, and children relocate to embrace their future. These moves bring mixed emotions, joy and excitement, and a bit of sadness.

I have made a very emotional , but timely decision to move forward in my career, and leave the Inn that I have been an employee at for over eight years, and further my career in hospitality as Sales director for Hampton Inn -Youngstown West. Along with this move a bunch of emotions have been stirred. At the Inn I had hit the ceiling for advancement, and them was pushed back down due to choices made by the ownership of the hotel. I suffered a huge financial loss from this change. Due to the slow in the economy, John's business also took a financial hit. This past year was very tough for us, and due to being in a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle, we really felt it . Emotionally, the changes at the job this past year have also took a toll on my health, stress level, and overall well being. I do not feel it appropriate to elaborate on that, except to say that it was something I never want to experience again. I kept my chin up , and decided to have a good attitude at work, and I did truly feel blessed to have a job at all in an economy where people are losing employment left and right. I knew I had to do my best, and press on.

About a month ago, an opportunity arose that I could not ignore, and all through the process I just felt it was the right move. I interviewed, and got the job! This week is my first full week at it, and I am so challenged already, I really like it, and I feel I will have the opportunity to advance, and I will be making more money. I do want to make clear that this was not solely a financial decision, I am not out to just make money, I need to help contribute to our mounting debt, and that is one reason I had to make a move. The other main reasons, besides the previously mentioned one, is the fact that I was not being challenged, I am not getting any younger, and I feel I have a lot to offer to an employer that was being not used. I also have worked with my mother, and several friends, and I feel that working together has been destructive to those relationships.

I am in transition right now. I am adjusting to the fact that I am in a very professional,no standing around chatting, forty hour a week career job. I am trying to balance parenting, being a spouse and a contributor, and being a good friend.

"I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan ! and never never let you for get your a man!" , I couldn't resist!

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PRS & ALS said...


Congrats on the new job! You'll do super!

I too am feeling the changes...Wow! am I ever! I think sometimes we feel that life will just go on as usual and then, change happens. Well, it keeps us on our toes and makes life more interesting.

My prayers will be with you and you transition to this new job.